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Charles De Great Nigeria Limited is a registered limited liability Company in Nigeria. By our conception we wish to reinvigorate and re-echo the importance of good quality civil engineering services, project consultancy, project implementation, dredging and construction services.

We recognize the existence of other companies who have over the years acquired a reputation for competent technical services. We believe that our company will survive and prosper only if we provide higher quality and excellence service.

Clients of the company include individuals, corporate and governmental agencies. We offer solutions in a speedy and cost effective manner with the aid of high technical resources and services.

In Charles De Great Nigeria Limited, we have experienced civil engineers with “COREN” who prior to their appointment with our company underwent pupilage at respected firms and fields within Nigeria and have over the years gained considerable experience. While not sounding immodest, we consider it a huge privilege to have all of them working together as a team. The firm offers, contract negotiation, implementation and perhaps construction services.

We consolidate existing cordial relationship with host communities/clients and to save other lives. We reduce damage to client or company's resources and environment we defend corporate integrity.

Charles De Great Nigeria Limited strongly believes that systematic routine and non-routine audits of worker's behavior, condition of work environment and tools equipment is the best way to prevent injuries (accidents) to personnel, damage to equipment and negative impact on the environment. Auditing of site aimed at identifying, rectifying, assessing and recovering potential hazards shall remain the center of our corporate accident prevention strategy.